A Full Service Armorer for SIG-Sauer, GLOCK, S&W M&P-Bodyguard-Shield-Sigma, Springfield XD & 1911, Beretta 92-96,​Remington 870-1100-1187, ​Sig P320, Kimber 1911's, S&W Revolvers, Colt 1911's, Rock Island 1911's, AR-15, Ruger 10/22, Mini-14, Mini-30 ​Rifle, Ruger LCP / LC9 / SR Series, Benelli M-Series Shotguns and many more.

D Street Gunsmithing

Dave Street (951) 675-3532

  • Beretta 92-96 Series Pistols
  • REMINGTON 870 Shotguns
    ​(Models 1100 & 11-87 too) 

  • SPRINGFIELD XD & 1911 Pistols
    (Upgrade your Trigger with Powder River) 
  • Any 1911 Pistols ​including Rock Island, Kimber, Colt, S&W, Sig, AMT, Auto Ordinance, Ruger, Norinco, Centennial, STI, etc.
  • Dave can improve the trigger on your S&W M&P - Shield - Sigma or SD Series Pistol?  He uses the APEX TACTICAL trigger kit.  The result is an excellent trigger while maintaining reliability. 
  • Are you tired of hot brass hitting you in the face when you shoot your GLOCK?  Dave installs the APEX TACTICAL extractor in your Glock which is guaranteed to solve this problem.  
  • Dave can improve the trigger / trigger pull on your GLOCK?  HYVE TECHNOLOGIES, APEX TACTICAL and ZEV TECHNOLOGIES all make excellent trigger kits for GLOCK pistols and he installs them all.
  • For SIG SAUER P-Series pistols, Dave stocks the SHORT RESET TRIGGER (SRT), E2 GRIPS, GREYGUNS Upgrades & the SHORT TRIGGER.  Improve your trigger and fit the gun to your hand.
  • Are you tired of the ribbed trigger on your compact and sub-compact GLOCK?  Do you want a smooth trigger like on your full-size GLOCK? Dave has all the parts and can install the smooth trigger while you wait.  
  • Mail-in service is available.  See the "Contact & Mail-ins" page for directions.
  • Improve accuracy on your Ruger MINI-14 & MINI-30 with the MO-ROD Stabilizer System.  Also, install the Mini-Scout rail system for mounting your red-dot or scope.

​Gunsmithing for the Inland Empire & Surrounding Area, California


AR-15's Made Featurless

I Specialize in Night Sight Installation on a Wide Variety of Pistols

​(Call me at (951) 675-3532 for a quote)

  • Winchester & Benelli Shotguns
  • CZ Pistols 
  • AR-15 Style Assault Rifles​
  • Ruger 10/22, Mini-14, Mini-30 Rifles​, LCP, LC9 & SR Pistols
  • S&W Double-Action Revolvers
  • ​RUGER .22 Pistols
Used Guns For Sale

I refurbish police trade-in's.
            Glocks - Sigs - Remington 870's               S&W Revolvers
Great Guns - Reasonable Prices
Contact Dave Street at 951-675-3532 to see what is in stock.

End of June 2018 is the Last Day for Assault Weapon Registration

Update your AR-15 with Featureless Parts and make your gun LEGAL.

​​Serving the greater Southern California area
Call 951-675-3532 after 12:00 Noon PST
For the Best Gunsmithing of Pistols - Shotguns - AR15s - Rifles - 1911 Gunsmith & General Gun Repairs

Gunsmithing While ​You Wait​

Dave Street is available every Saturday from
12-Noon to 6:00 PM at the
Riverside ​Magnum Range

12391 Sampson Ave, Suite 'O',
​Riverside, CA, 92503
(951) 736-1236.


  • GLOCK Pistols
  • SIG P-Series, SigPro & Mosquito, P320 Pistols
  • Mossberg Shotguns
  • Kimber 1911 Pistols
  • SMITH & WESSON M&P Pistols
    (Shields, Bodyguard, Sigmas & SD-Pistols too) 
    (Upgrade your Trigger with Apex Tactical Products)

  • Dave can improve the trigger pull on your S&W Revolver.  He polishes the action and uses the Brownells Reduced Power Spring Kit.  It lightens the trigger pull while maintaining reliability.
  •  Dave can improve the trigger on your SPRINGFIELD XD.  He uses the Powder River Trigger Kit.  
  • Dave stocks parts for the GLOCK, SIG SAUER, RUGER MINI-14 & REMINGTON 870 shotgun.  This means he can usually fix them while you wait.  Quick repairs is a key factor in his business.  
  • Dave Street is registered as an gunsmith with the State of California and City of Moreno Valley.  He maintains a Federal Firearms License and is fully insured.  
  • Dave works on many types of guns, but not all.  It's his policy that if he can't fix your gun, he will direct you to someone who can. Call any day after 10:00 AM PST at 951-675-3532.  Complete satisfaction guaranteed.
  • Dave is an expert in the 1911 system.  Repairs, trigger jobs & reliability jobs are his specialty.  Call for an appointment.
  • Dave can make disassembly easy ​on your RUGER MK-I/II/III and 22/45 pistols by installing a Majestic Arms Speed Strip Kit.
  • ​Dave can fix old guns like the JC Higgins Model 88 or Heritage Rough Rider.