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Due to IMPORT Requirements, Glock typically puts a grooved trigger on their COMPACT & SUBCOMPACT models. This has created problems for many shooters who just don't like the feel.

"D Street Gunsmithing" has a solution for this. Ship or bring your gun in for service and I will change your grooved trigger to a smooth one at the very reasonable price of $55.00. All parts are made by Glock.

Since Dave is an FFL and offers gunsmithing services, you can ship your gun or receiver directly to "D Street Gunsmithing" for this service. Use UPS or FedEx for shipping. It's best to just send your receiver (including internal parts) since I don't need the slide or barrel for this repair. Be sure to call me at 951-675-3532 to let me know your gun is coming and I'll give you my shop address for shipping.

Change Grooved Trigger